We felt having our own web site for our new launch of the meat shop was a wise next step for us as young farmers. Deciding on who was going to build it for us was an easy decision.

Susan's work speaks for itself. It did not take much looking around her site to make the choice to hire her.

Right from the start Susan made things easy for us, she gave us a detailed list of what she needed from us and it was easy to follow. If we needed any guidance she was there and helped us make the right choices. She even took time to really understand what it was we were trying to get across to the people that will be looking at our website by taking into account our values and even going as far as she could to bring out our message with clear and precise lay outs on each page of the web site.

Susan has gone, in our opinion, way above the level of service we feel that we would get elsewhere. She is devoted to us and the success of our web site.

In less than 24 hours of the launch of our web site the responses we got were amazing. Now of course we sent out the link to everyone in our address book but the compliments were not just for us. Here are a few that were directed just for the web site designer: "Easy to use and so well put together", "Super web site", "Loved the pictures", "Clear, concise web pages", "So user friendly".

We know that our site will be maintained properly because it is in Susan's capable hands. We would recommend Village Web Design to any one for website development and maintenance.

Clinton, Pamela, Mika, Tawny and Autumn Cavers

The money you spend on a website needs to be productive. Village WebDesign understands this and focuses on getting your website to load quickly, retaining potential clients at your website rather than losing them to faster loading competitors. Your website is designed to be visually appealing and interesting to visitors to keep them at your site, and uncluttered, to grab your visitors' attention and clearly convey your message to them.

During the process of designing and building your website, it is tested for load speed, in all current browsers, and on both mac & pc so that no matter what your potential client is using to view your website, it's going to load fast & look good.

Planning a website can be confusing and overwhelming. As it is you who best understands your business, it is you who is the most important player in the development and creation of your website. Rest assured you'll be given efficient, down-to-earth and one-on-one guidance regarding the information you need to gather in order to create a custom-built, unique & professional website with search engine-friendly content. All websites are created from scratch, designed with the colors of your choice, hand coded and never considered complete until you are completely satisfied.

You won't be charged for 3-hour webdesigner block, or for time considered to be a learning curve if something is being done on your site that Village WebDesign hasn't done before.

In the end, you'll have a great looking website you'll be proud to advertise by newspaper, business cards, fridge magnets, pens, vehicle signage, word of mouth and whatever means you can think of.

As part of its service, Village WebDesign also provides domain registrations and economic hosting packages suited to the needs of your particular website.

Feel free to browse through the portfolio section to see the design work created by Village WebDesign to date. Providing a quote to you is free, so take advantage!

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